Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dogs do we train?

We have experience with a large variety of dogs. We train all dog breeds and sizes. We train dogs who may be fearful, aggressive, hyper, unruly, stubborn, or simply in need of some basic manners or even just a refresher course. 

What is our training style?

We offer a balanced training program. While we love positive training methods and largely employ them, we feel a balanced approach is best. We also adjust our techniques based on the dog. We strongly believe it is our job to “train the dog in front of us”. The same techniques do not work for all dogs which is why we feel it is important to know many different training styles and not be afraid to try out a new one if what we are doing isn’t working. We work with a variety of training aids such as clickers, food, verbal markers, slip leads, prong collars, electric collars, etc. depending on the needs of the dog.

Why a board and train program?

We have experienced great success with our boarding programs. We find that our clients enjoy the speed at which their dog is able to pick up their new skills in our board and train program. In this program, we are able to work with your dog several times a day to help them learn quickly. We train them in our home so they will learn to use their new skills in the same type of environment they will need them in once they return home. Most families find it easy to maintain the skills after they have been established.